The rising star of the major luxury goods inventory you

This ranks the luxury brand is also a lot of items, wherein each of them has its own brand this rising star, the next Xiaobian a look at this in detail.


[Classic Style One]


Louis Vuitton Alma Bag


Brand: Louis Vuitton

Paragraph name: Louis Vuitton Alma Bag

Summary: The Alma bag, needless to say, we did not feel very familiar, very common in this package is quite favored foreign and domestic, too, many stars are like, especially in the Fan Bingbing is the worst?. Fan is also a matter of course when the great beauty of the Alma bag spokesman, on various occasions demonstrated by dozens of Alma Bag much!


[Classic Style Two]

Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag


Brand: Louis Vuitton

Paragraph name: Louis Vuitton Sophia Coppola Bag

Summary: This bag by French female director Sophia Coppola cross-border cooperation with LV design. Sophia Coppola, the daughter of a well-known director, with abundant resources, combined with their own efforts, described in art circles fared wind and water. The cross-border attempt this design is a hit. Vulgar and traditional LV logo and printing of different, this package is the flagship of the net surface solid design and minimalist style, very practical, known as belonging to LV young artists. Our supermodel Liu Wen had repeatedly photographed carrying this bag!


[Classic Style Three]

Louis Vuitton Neverfull


Brand: Louis Vuitton

Paragraph name: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Profile: lv Neverfull is referred to as the classic section of the package was berserk, travel or daily travel safe. Neverfull means not fill, it seems to be the desire to meet a woman will occur. Women all their own privacy, including love, desire, sexy, charming all loaded into it, but never fill the desire to spread the day. Photo Color is the most well-known lv Monogram pattern, both patterns and fabrics, this Neverfull enduring every year!


[Classic Style Four]

Louis Vuitton Speedy


Brand: Louis Vuitton

Paragraph name: Louis Vuitton Speedy

Profile: lv Speedy re-interpretation of the Keepall travel bag, lv fit the core values ​​of “travel” theme. Circular arc shape to make handbags space even more spacious. Wide zipper opening additional padlock, safe and reliable equipment Tim. This handbag deserved to be one of the classic section of the package is always sought after. I believe people will understand a little luxury to know this classic handbag. LV official website with the words is simple and elegant, unique, urban life and safe to travel. Speedy from there in terms of size 25,30,35,40 and other models.


[Classic Style Five]



Brand: Celine

Paragraph name: CELINE CLASSIC BOX

Summary: Several years ago, Celine said to have been caught in crisis, post-Classic Box appears a gun and red, to a certain extent, contributed to the brand was again sought, through the crisis of the brand has a very large role. As the name implies this bag, retro style, people feel heavy connotation. From the cortex and then to every detail refined metal pieces all seem to feel stable. Compared with rage embarrassing face pack, this Classic Box is more likely to become long-term spread style.


[Classic Style Six]

Celine Luggage series


Brand: Celine

Paragraph name: Celine Luggage series

Summary: This can be regarded as large in recent years heat up, Celine Luggage size from sub-nano, mini, micro, small, medium … and so on, before and after a series of several different seasons, different fabrics and colors. Street beat the past few years is probably the most photographed this package, probably because the first time I saw it very easy to be attracted by its appearance’s sake?


[Classic Style Seven]

Chanel Classic Flap Bag (Classic Edition)


Brand: Chanel

Paragraph name: Chanel Classic Flap Bag (Classic Edition)

Summary: This bag engraved version 2.55 and the following presentation, are based on February 1955, Ms. Coco Chanel designed Chanel 2.55 handbag as the prototype, a lot of people are collectively referred to these two packages 2.55. But in fact, after the early Chanel Classic Flap Chanel to Karl Largfield took over the original paragraph 2.55 to make changes after the completion of (the deduction into a double C logo graphic).


[Classic Style Eight]

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag (remake)


Brand: Chanel

Paragraph name: Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag (remake)

Chanel 2.55 Reissue is Karl Largfield in 2005 to commemorate the 2.55 package of birth, and maintain maximum 2.55 original paragraph style and complete, keeping the deduction lock design and pure metal chain, which is its biggest difference with the previous Classic appearance.


[Classic Style Nine]

Hermes Birkin


Brand: Hermes

Paragraph name: Hermes Birkin

Description: Platinum package is Hermes (Hermes) owned by a package series: Hermes Birkin. From French female singer Jane Birkin once complained to fly to Jean Louis Dumas Hermes (Hermes) fifth president now can not find well-crafted and practical large bag, then president of Hermes on a specially designed for her handbags, and named after her, this is the platinum package. It is four different sizes: 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, and 40cm. Birkin bag in the use of materials on everything from crocodile skin, lizard skin and other common to rare leather calfskin, goatskin, do anything.


[Classic Style Ten]

Prada Saffiano Lux Tote


Brand: Prada

Section names: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

Profile: Founded in 1913, PRADA, environmental changes in fashion circles in the 1970s near the verge of bankruptcy, I believe we have often seen its shadow in the movies, most recently erupted in “Mission Impossible 4″ aggressively, a killer package awaken the sleepy PRADA, noble and calm inclusive gains everyone’s heart, sales in the whole of 2012 was very popular in Europe and America many stores are sold out of stock. Saffiano Prada grain leather is a unique embossed leather design, this series of bags popular, and now has become a Zhendian treasure the PRADA.

The Most Expensive Second-hand Handbag Records Are Refreshed

Recently, a embellished diamonds red crocodile Hermes Birkin bag was sold at the price $29.8 million in auction and become a new world record “the most expensive second-hand”. This Hermes Birkin handbag in auction has never been used, the identity of the buyer is not exposed.

Except the rare color, the most valuable of the red crocodile Birkin bag is a part of diamonds. And the custom models of diamond embellished Birkin handbag has always been expensive, and sometimes it doesn’t mean that you can buy it through money, now the replica Hermes Birkin bag in second-hand market is also very rare. As early as last year, it had triggered a discussion on the second-hand market bag, insiders thought that second-hand bags market prospect is inestimable, many limited production models can be sold at a staggering price of the transaction in the secondary market, especially new bags. It is said that the Vitoria Beckham has more than 100 Birkin bag in her home, even the Hermes bags are beyond count. The only one in the circle able to compete with her, that is Kim – Kardashian. But Kardashian did not have a red crocodile Brikin, only the basic Black Crocodile leather.

Before this red Hermes Birkin bag at the deal at $29.8 million, there is also a Hermes Birkin diamond studded bag in the records of the second-hand market bag, it is the pink color which the price is $22.2 million. The record also preserved only ten months, visible that the potential of second-hand bags market absolutely should not be underestimated, which is enough to insight the precious value into Hermes Birkin bag. In addition to Hermes Birkin, ultra classic Hermes Kelly bags also belong to a very worthwhile investment, named after Princess Grace Kelly in Morocco, representing the noble and elegant, the value now increasingly reflects in Kelly’s historical background and significance.

The Pragmatism of Hermes Bag

Hermes runway has always been very low-key, it don’t need dressing sexy and gorgeous actress on runway, there is also no the current popular supermodels who can make people recognize them at one second. However this show let each of the guests and the media can be absorbed in the charm of french style brought by Hermes. Hermes was born in Paris, France, with the purity of more than 170 years of French ancestry, and those ladies who really love Hermes, absolutely will not only focus on the Hermes Birkin bag, but focus in its pragmatism that will not be outdated for million years.

Mentioned earlier, the familiar stars rarely appear the best pound of Hermes showcases, and there are also rare famous supermodels on the runway. Not only that, Hermes fashion bags show is not advanced at all. As a long history of luxury brands, Hermes never flaunt the wealth, the runway dull gray tone and a symbol of Hermes orange curtain is the background of the runway.

This simple and dull color more highlight Hermes bag design, Hermes is simply trying to make people around the world to look at their handbag design. Even the model’s makeups are also simple but elegant as in the past. Even so, under the foil of low voice song in French, the show still took the people into the full rich French romantic emotional appeal. Brand classic Hermes Kelly bag belongs to the bag type this season worth to invest, named as Morocco Princess Grace Kelly, represents the elegance and nobleness. It is worth mentioning is that the clever Chiara Ferragni collocated new Hermes Kelly bag with Fendi strap, which made flower decoration become playful and very attractive, let the styling instantly more worth seeing.

The Hottest Hermes Handbags of the latest Handbags in INS

If you are in full control of handbags that must pick up the phone and begin to pay attention to this fashionistaac account on Instagram, why? She is now the hottest internet star popular in fashion circle, Camelia is famous on instagram, even the designer Sophia Webster said that she loved to visit Camelia photos and appreciate the taste of this hot mom, especially those brilliant colors. It is said that she may have her own clothing design series, or opened a store in some place. Regardless of her where she got so much money to buy classic Hermes handbags, or additions to the all luxury goods bag of daughter, the hot mom has occupied the seat position in the fashion circle .

Camelia already has 140 thousand of the attention, there is no lack of famous stars and designers, various fashion bloggers are also read this hot mother’s photos every day, here is paradise of big bags and colors. She is a colorist, rose red and dark green Hermes Birkin package is always good partner. this season yellow Hermes Kelly bag is the spotlight, with yellow jumpsuit skirt and then kicking on a pair of dark green Valentino high-heeled shoes, this retro and modern styling simply not engraved. Camelia is quite good at using dark glasses to foil the bag, orange is the darling of the summer, so even if the general wear, an orange cheap Hemmer handbag with orange box sunglasses is also eye-catching in the crowd.

Except from the Hermes bag, Camelia is also a fan of Valentino. A Japan style printing coat and national typed Valentino handbag completely would not conflict with each other, become a perfect match, low-key luxury holiday modeling is also eye-catching whenever she walk. Rivet is a sign of Valentino, but Camelia definitely will not choose the public type, this full of rivets tote handbag is not found on the official website, a bright orange and sky blue heels jump out of a series of pleasant.

Hermes birkin bag on the instagram

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you-that’s Hermes birkin bag from instagram. It’s not a secret that Hermes birkin bag is one of the most popular bag in the world so as the internet. The shapes are classic Hermes, and the bags are beautiful and will likely sell extremely well.

A well-developed exotics program is important to attracting the most lucrative high-dollar customers, and Hermes’s clearly putting a strong emphasis on making sure it continues to be among the few brands of choice for the world’s very, very elite. And that’s why replica Hermes bag is hot around the world.

Authentic Hermes bag is a dreamed gift for many ladies, meanwhile it’s very expensive. Why not try a cheap Hermes bag? Fake Hermes bags are affordable for normal women and they are still made of genuine material and created by skilled craftsman. The replicas hold the same features with authentic ones. It’s also pure and perfect, and it’s beautiful forever and never out of date.